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DISAN General Manager Went to Hubei and Kunming Prosthetic Assembly and Rehabilitation Centers for Exchange

2024-02-22 Hits:
With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, we have ushered in a new year and a new starting point for our work. At this wonderful moment, we have returned to work with full energy and enthusiasm, and are ready to face new challenges.
Recently, Wang Wei, General Manager of Shanghai DISAN Prosthetics and Orthopedics Co., Ltd., was invited by the Prosthetics Center in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province and Andehao Company in Kunming City, Yunnan Province to exchange and guide work. Disabled people are a part of the social family and face many difficulties and challenges. It is these difficulties that make us more aware of the importance of unity, mutual assistance, and caring for others. The focus of this exchange and guidance is to help disabled elderly farmers who have been living in remote areas for a long time. Meanwhile, during the free clinic, we recommended suitable prosthetic plans for them based on their actual situation.
Manager Wang Wei stated that serving people with disabilities wholeheartedly has always been the spirit and principle of DISAN. We should call on all sectors of society to work together to create a more inclusive, equal, and friendly social environment for people with disabilities.
After several hours of difficult journey, Manager Wang Wei and his team arrived at the destination, and the locals welcomed them all. Then, the patients lined up in an orderly manner for the free clinic. During the free clinic, Manager Wang Wei was meticulous and conscientious, relying on his strong professional knowledge and practical experience to properly solve the patients' thorny problems and recommend relatively suitable prosthetic products. Only by calming down can we achieve our goals, steadily and steadily, step by step.
During the free clinic, Manager Wang Wei patiently inquired about the patient's daily habits, combined with the local geographical environment, analyzed the patient's situation reasonably, and thoughtfully bandaged the patient's stump. This gives patients hope of being able to walk independently. After everyone applauded and praised, Manager Wang Wei said, "Let's take love as the driving force and promote the spirit of helping people with disabilities. Let's work together to contribute to the cause of people with disabilities and make their lives better. I believe that with our joint efforts, the cause will definitely succeed." Shanghai DISAN Prosthetics and Orthopedics Co., Ltd. has always advocated for tolerance and equality based on respect and care, promoting positive energy, and working together to create a better living environment for people with disabilities.
In today's rapidly developing era, we not only need to adapt to industry changes, but also need to lead the development of the industry. Faced with an increasingly competitive environment, Shanghai DISAN Prosthetics and Orthopedics Co., Ltd. has always adhered to its original intention, steadily advanced, deepened cooperation and fulfilled social responsibilities to achieve sustained and healthy development and build a more inclusive and warm society.

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