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Ortho Europe is a leading manufacturer and distributor of prosthetic, orthotic and seating products. Our goal is to promote independence and quality of life by providing robust, innovative and effective devices to thousands of people who need mobility support.
Established in 1990 with a single office in Oxford, UK, Ortho Europe has grown steadily to encompass multiple manufacturing facilities across the UK and Europe and sales offices in France, the Netherlands and Sweden, plus a network of European distributors.
We understand the challenge of finding the right device, with such a complex mix of factors to consider. Ortho Europe’s experience and comprehensive product range enables you to do just that.
Choosing to partner with us guarantees:
We operate in accordance with ISO Standard 13485 for medical devices, holding ourselves to rigorous standards to ensure we provide only the very best quality products. Our seven production facilities use world-leading technology to manufacture bespoke devices which match the user’s requirements exactly, and we offer an extensive range of stock items, thanks to long-standing relationships with globally renowned suppliers such as WillowWood, Fillauer, Sporlastic and Proteor.
Clinical expertise
Every product we offer is thoroughly assessed from a clinical perspective, making sure they work in practice – not just in theory. This is done with the help of a team of clinicians from Ortho Europe’s sister company, Opcare: a rehabilitation service provider.
We are committed to driving the field forward and pioneering new technology, with the aim of discovering even better solutions for customers and users alike. Each of our factories employs CAD technology, and utilises multi-axis robot carvers to ensure a high level of precision from start to finish. 
Customer-focused service
Your needs, whether as a clinician or a user of our products, are of paramount importance to us, and remain at the heart of everything we do. We strive to meet those needs, from offering helpful advice to delivering a quick turn-around and providing reliable devices.

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