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5% of off promotions activity for American Freedom products began
Posted on:2017-10-31 15:44:48 Browsing times:208Time


In order to express our thanks to all the distributors and disabled consumers who are found of Freedom Products,,The our company launched the special promotions month activities of this brand ,From March 1st to April 30th, All American Freedom products can have a  5% of  discount. Welcome calling us for detailed information.
The FREEDOM company is a world  famous manufacturer of intelligent  feet and intelligent  knee joint, it is the largest professional foot production company.  Its also the global leader of Carbon storage foot and  bionic knee joint. Its bionic knee joint can  reflect 1000 times per second, is the fastest bionic knee joint in the world. at the same time,its foot production factory  is the United States military manufacturing jet wing military enterprises.
As Freedoms  general agent in China,Shanghai Disan adhering to the principle "bring the most high-quality products in abroad, the most advanced technology and the most reliable technology into China" and introduced the  quality products from Freedom into china. In 2012 China Qingdao International Rehabilitation Expo, the Freedom company is cooperating with Shanghai disan to built one VIP booth in the exhibition, many of its newest products was showed, has aroused great interest in the industry, and many people come to visit .     
This promotion is greatly supported by Freedom Company, distributors who want to purchase freedom products please seize this opportunity.

Our booth in 2012 of  Qingdao International exhibition




■The unique design of inclined top patent with patient - compared to other similar storage foot in the world,  FS1s back plate is longer, to ensure the foot to be All-round foot".

■big branch structure, an excellent universal function , suitable for all traffic, more security, combined with the torque and rotation function, make travel more comfortable and labor-saving.
■The imitation of human natural arch structure has the incomparable, perfect high energy storage and return function.
■ The vertical damping function effectively reduce the impact to end of residual limb, knee, hip and spine .
■ personalized design, nine grade weight activity grades are available
■ application groups: all levels of different ages and various activities of the amputees.




■ FS4 is designed for  amputee with too long residual limb, this foot can meet their demand for All round foot
■large bifurcation structure, valgus and Varus function is good, suitable for all traffic, more security
■with perfect high energy storage and return function
■The vertical damping function effectively reduce the impact to end of residual limb, knee, hip and spine .
■Personalized design, nine stage weight class for selection, maximum load up to 166KG


SENATOR storage foot is a portable, economical storage feet, meet low to moderate and high activity  needs ,users can easily walk, run, can participate in various daily activities and leisure sports, such as cycling, golf, hiking .Compared with the other similar storage foot,  VS1 has a longer back plate , guarantees the vertical damping function of the foot can cover from daily life to strenuous exercise at all levels, reduce the samp to the end of the residual limb, spine, hip and lower limb joint. Light weight and  energy return function provides the user with a smooth and a comfortable pace that allows users to use less energy to go farther, faster .There are six levels of hardness are available to ensure close to the users needs .durable design makes the clinical technicians and users relieved.

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