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Shanghai DISAN Prosthetics and Orthopedics Corporation is a professional sales company who sales imported Prosthetics and Orthopedics products and who located in Shanghai, China. Disan is the member of China P&O association. The company and many foreign brands formed a strategic partnership, and she brings the highest quality products, the most advanced technology and most reliable process into China. Company in the line with the concept of win-win cooperation, developing with the customers together, to bring the world’s most outstanding products, the most advanced technology and the most attentive service to benefit the China’s 9 million physical disabled people. Disan is the distributor of Fillauer, Freedom, Trulife, Bauerfeind, Medi, Ortho Europe, North Sea Plastics etc.

US Fillauer companies starts from 1912, she is one of the world’s biggest company of P&O products in development, innovation and production. She has 9 subsidiaries and 1 clinic, the headquarter is in US and the subsidiaries located in US and Europe. The product range includes upper extremity, lower extremity, components and orthotics.  The upper extremity and bionic feet are especially in the top level in the world. The motion control, one of the Fillauer’s subsidiary, has reported by TIME magazine of it’s famous upper extremity.

US Freedom company is world’s famous manufacturer of feet and bionic knee, she is the biggest prosthetic feet manufacturer in America, the leader of carbon feet and bionic knee. The bionic knee can reacts 1000 times per second, it is the fastest reaction knee in the world. The feet plant is also the plant of US military’s jet wings.

The TRULIFE company is the world famous lower extremity manufacturer, she has more than 300 distributors in the world, and the Seattle series are world known.

The Bauerfeind Company is one of the biggest P&O company in Europe. The company begins from 1920 in Germany. She repeatedly sponsored the World Paralympics Games, and she is the designated sponsor of Orthopedic products of Germany football team and other teams.

The Medi company is the biggest lower extremity and orthopedic products manufacturer in Europe, the products sale in more than 100 countries in the world. The “phantom pain” silicon liner is unique in the world.

The Ortho Europe is the lead company in world’s P&O Industry, the VESSA feet and SENSOR knee are popular in China more than 20 years, well received by Chinese consumers.

The North Sea Plastics is the world’s biggest P&O plastics supplier, headquarter in Ireland and sales in more than 26 countries.

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