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Shanghai DISAN and Quanzhou Aigme discuss in-depth cooperation in the coming year

2019-06-21 Hits:

Recently, Mr. Wang Wei, general manager of Shanghai DISAN, was invited to Quanzhou again to discuss the comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with Quanzhou Aigme in the coming year.


Shanghai DISAN and Quanzhou Aigme reached the strategic cooperation intention in July this year, and both sides signed the cooperation intention of technology and product support, providing a full range of services from the company's overall packaging to business reception, technology installation, etc.

In the second half of the year, the cooperation between the two sides is increasingly close, and the purchase quantity from Shanghai DISAN is also growing.

In order to improve the cooperation between Shanghai DISAN and Quanzhou Aigmei to a higher level, the two sides have conducted friendly negotiations.

After the meeting, Mr. Wang Wei, general manager of Shanghai DISAN, had a dinner and took a photo with all the staff of Quanzhou Aigmei.


Quanzhou Aigmei Rehabilitation Appliance Co., LTD., founded in 2008, mainly engaged in the assembly of prosthetics and orthotics, disability assistive appliance cost identification, the elderly appliance sales of the disabled, prosthetics and orthotic accessories sales, with the provincial civil department of prosthetics, orthotic assembly enterprise certification.

In 2008, it became a member unit of China Rehabilitation Equipment Association, and in 2011, it was a designated unit of auxiliary devices for injured workers of Quanzhou industrial injury insurance, and in 2011, it was listed in the appraisal list of Quanzhou Intermediate Court.

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