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Shanghai DISAN successfully participated in "2019 China (Changzhou) International Rehabilitation Equipment Expo"

2020-07-12 Hits:

The China (Changzhou) International Rehabilitation Equipment Expo was held in Changzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on June 28, 2019.

Shanghai DISAN, as the international leader of advanced prosthetics technology, showed the prosthetics products of FREEDOM, COLLEGE PARK and UNIPROX, the world's top brands in the prosthetics industry, attracting the attention of many industry users with its leading technology and high-end products.

Our company has formed a strategic cooperative relationship with a number of foreign first-line brands, and brings the world's best quality products, cutting-edge technology and the most reliable process to patients.

Based on the concept of win-win cooperation and common development with customers, the company will benefit the 9 million physically disabled people in China with the world's most outstanding products, the most advanced technology and the most intimate service.


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