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FS1 versatile foot opens up a new experience in life

2023-04-27 Hits:
Unique inclined roof design, dorsiflexion spring board is longer than any other same kind of foot in the world, ensuring "all-round foot" performance.

Large bifurcation structure, excellent universal function, suitable for all road conditions, more safe, combined with torsion and rotation function, so that walking more comfortable and labor-saving.
Incomparable natural foot arch structure, with perfect high energy storage and return function.
Effective vertical shock absorption reduces impact on stump ends, knee joints, hip joints and spine.Personalized design, nine weight activity levels are available.Applicable group: amputees of all ages and levels of activity.
The characteristics of ankle joint motion curve show the rolling motion state of the foot with gentle balance. Compared with normal movement of human body, there is no obvious difference between the highest point of ankle joint flexion Angle and healthy foot, and the prosthetic foot is very close to the motion state of healthy ankle joint.
The prosthetic foot was also very close to the healthy foot when the ground bounced the most when the foot followed the ground, indicating that the prosthesis functioned very similar to the healthy limb and could effectively reduce pressure on the healthy foot during walking.

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